2024 Centennial Poster (22×28)


Are you holding the golden ticket? For the 100th anniversary celebration everyone can capture the magic and relive moments of wonder and excitement. How many Zozobras have you seen burn in the last 100 years? Get your matching t-shirt while supplies last!

Join us in marking a momentous milestone with this year’s Zozobra centennial commemorative image, envisioned by none other than our beloved event chairman, Ray Sandoval. Infused with the magic of a lifetime of memories since his early beginnings with Zozobra at six years old, Ray’s concept captures the essence of our century-long legacy.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the talented Mike Graham De La Rosa of Cosmic Desert for his exquisite craftsmanship in bringing Ray’s concept to fruition. This centennial image is not merely a visual piece; it’s a celebration of our enduring spirit and a beacon for the future of our storied tradition. Embrace this symbol of history and festivity, and join us as we step into a new century of Zozobra with the same fervor that has united us for generations.

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